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In the dictionaries of many languages, the word repair is given to preserve the existing condition. Repair of equipment means the preservation and restoration of any of its existing characters and functions. Each piece of equipment is used to perform some function. More precisely, the user requires the device to perform certain functions. In this case, the repair of equipment means the protection and restoration of the functions that the user wants to perform. Although this is a simple concept,


Construction information

Construction or Construction means the process of bringing a residential building, facilities, industrial facilities, bridges, tunnels and other engineering works from the foundation to a serviceable condition. Construction is a Latin term meaning together and assembled, which comes from the so-cal…



We present you the latest innovations in the Construction and Real Estate market, which are released on a seasonal basis on the basis of the website construction.az, a single centralized Internet portal of the construction sector of Azerbaijan. Our activity for more than 10 years shows once again that we are at the forefront of the Azerbaijan Construction Market and have gained customer satisfaction! The work we have done in a short time, the projects are exemplified. At Tikiniti.az you will find information about the latest materials in the Azerbaijan Construction Market. That is, you will not have to bother to search for any products and materials, you can easily visit our site and get acquainted with the "products" section!


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